About Alison

Hi!  I’m Alison, a photographer in Oakland, CA.

In my past ten years as a professional photographer, my career has evolved from photojournalist to documentary wedding photographer to lifestyle photographer.  I’ve found myself in so many situations I never would have known existed were it not for the doors opened by photography.  

My husband and I welcomed our first baby in January 2017, and since then, I’ve been obsessively documenting his life. 

Having this new little person to photograph has re-inspired my work and reaffirmed the importance of family photos.  I’m collecting memories of our family through images, and I want to remember everything – the good days, the frustrating moments, the sweetest interactions with family, friends, and especially his puppy sister. 

Although I probably can’t be with you at every step of your family’s journey, I do strive to photograph families in an authentic and unobtrusive way, creating photos that are natural, creative and vibrant.  I want you to look at your photos and be reminded of how your family was during that time, because, as everyone says and as I'm learning firsthand, it goes by so quickly.

To view my documentary wedding photography go here.